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Vetted service professionals you can trust in your home.

Worthwhile lets you bring the precision hospitality of a five-star restaurant or bar right into your own dining room.

No stress. Just confidence.

Hosting friends and family can be exhausting. There’s so much to keep track of, and everyone seems to want your attention all at once. In those moments, what you need is a helper you don’t have to micromanage—or worse, keep a close eye on.

Worthwhile is your personal concierge for in-home hospitality. Our waiters and bartenders work frequently in many of New York City’s top-tier restaurants, bars, and catering venues, so you’ll be able to relax and actually enjoy your party.

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Professional service is the difference between a casual dinner and true fine dining. Our waiters are trained and tested on every detail of proper table setting, serving etiquette, and the NYC-standard steps of service.

Residential Staffing 2


Craft bartending goes beyond basic cocktail knowledge; it requires an intricate understanding of flavor profiles and balance. Our bartenders can mix sensational cocktails from even the most limited pool of ingredients.

Like getting a referral from a close friend.

When it comes to taking good care of your home and your guests, you can’t rely on just anyone. We have tight-knit personal relationships with every service professional in our network, which means you’re guaranteed to get someone trustworthy and motivated.

Responsible & insured.

Our handbook details several company policies designed to protect your home, such as carrying furniture instead of dragging it, and being extra cautious around walls and fragile decor. But we carry a hefty general liability insurance policy anyway, just in case.

Hosting a party doesn’t have to be so hard.

When you put your affair in the hands of a professional, you’ll treat everyone to a more enjoyable experience—especially you. Elevate your party. Contact Worthwhile today.

“Our night was such a success! I will absolutely be using or recommending Worthwhile in the future.”

-Arielle D'Adamo

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