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Powered by carefully-cultivated personal relationships.

At Worthwhile, we get to know our employees and clients on a personal level—and go above and beyond to retain their trust.

A goal-oriented ensemble teeming with positivity.

A staffing company’s true calling card isn’t just its staff, but the company culture that shapes them—both individually and as an ensemble.

The Worthwhile culture was bravely forged in the face of pandemic-era challenges with an emphasis on teamwork, self-discipline and a positive attitude. That’s how we’re able to consistently churn out premium talent in droves.

“The bookers at Worthwhile actually know their staff and have walked me through which of them would be better suited to different positions. Thank you, Worthwhile, for the comfort of knowing a reliable partner always has our back.”

-Armistead Johnson, Director of Staffing at Canard, Inc.

New York

Hospitality elevated by human connection.

Human connection is an essential component of hospitality. It weaves a group of staff into a coordinated ensemble, and transforms good service into a memorable experience.

The owner of Worthwhile holds an MFA in Acting, and his performance background brings a unique perspective to staffing. Our operations are heavily informed by standard theatrical principles such as active listening, empathy, and a true ensemble mentality.

Our Mission

To pave the way for positivity-driven hospitality that creates everlasting memories.

A proud stepping stone to even greater things.

Most of our employees don’t join Worthwhile with the intention to build a permanent career in hospitality. Many of them work with us to pad their livelihoods as they strive towards their artistic or educational goals.

We go above and beyond to understand those goals, and empower our employees to reach them. Members of the Worthwhile staff have gone on to become Broadway actors, movie stars, event directors, and our own high-ranking admins.

Work with a partner who understands people.

Top-tier staffing just isn’t possible without human expertise. Give your hospitality a heartbeat. Connect with Worthwhile today.
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Kyle Downing, Owner

Kyle is an established veteran of the NYC events industry. Upon moving to the city in August of 2011, he took a job as a server/busser with a staffing agency in order to make a living while pursuing an acting career. The Ohio native’s midwestern temperament and strong people skills proved to be key assets as he worked his way into leadership roles.

Before joining Worthwhile, Kyle ran hospitality programs for Tiffany & Co. and Riviera Caterers. He’s best known for his ability to cultivate an upbeat company culture, and his knack for getting the best out of everyone on his team.

Kyle’s proudest accomplishments include earning his MFA in Acting, writing the pilot for his web series (Back on the Market), and of course helping build Worthwhile from the ground up. Off the clock, he enjoys online strategy games, baseball analytics, and cocktail mixology. More than anything, though, he loves going on adventures with his beautiful wife Holly and his son Declan.

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Cameron Downing, Booking Assistant

Cameron has been with Worthwhile for a year but has been working in the service industry for his entire career to make use of his innate talent for putting smiles on people’s faces. His attention to detail and proficiency with a keyboard and mouse serve him well in his role of managing staff and organizing information behind the scenes.

Whether he’s participating in design challenges for renewable energy technology, or doing his daily crossword, sudoku, and chess puzzles, Cameron is always on the lookout for new challenges to tackle with his sharp mind and can-do attitude. He enjoys devising creative solutions to complex problems.

In the off hours, you can find Cameron at his desk playing strategy games, in the kitchen trying out new recipes, or playing board games with his pals at the local game shop. Otherwise, he’s likely sharing a laugh with his wonderful partner Amelia and his dog, Beau.

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KP Pettis, Service Moderator

Karaj “KP” Pettis spent over 5 years gaining valuable knowledge and experience working for various hospitality and catering groups prior to joining Worthwhile. He’s led weddings, events in private homes, large activations for major brands, and much more.

KP’s wide-ranging professional experience has prepared him to arm his team members and co-leaders with his knowledge of the industry, facilitating the keen service Worthwhile is known for. He achieves his goals by constantly offering constructive input, and helping his team navigate as one cohesive ensemble.

Being the youngest of five siblings has helped shape KP’s versatility and patience in high-pressure situations. He credits his drive for excellence to his athletic background, while his warmth and care for the customer experience stem from his work in the arts. Other passions include modeling, dancing, and acting for a wide range of different media, including print, high fashion, films, and music videos.

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Kelsey Waltermire, Service Moderator

Originally from the Bluegrass state of Kentucky, Kelsey now works in NYC as an actor and model. She earned her degree in Theatre with minors in Political Science and English from the University of Kentucky, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Kelsey brings the same interpersonal and collaborative skills she uses in the theater to her work in the hospitality field. She’s a personally motivated and detail-oriented leader with extensive experience in front of house operations, food preparation, and catering both large scale events and private parties. Kelsey believes that bringing a client’s vision to life requires creative problem solving, multi-tasking, and fast walking skills.

Kelsey has performed extensively throughout New York, Kentucky and Florida, both on stage and screen. In her free time outside of rehearsal and catering, Kelsey is an avid cook, a lover of books and anything involving coffee, and an amateur but enthusiastic rollerblader.

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Paul Henry, Service Moderator

Paul has been working in the service industry for over a decade. From serving and bartending to providing leadership as a captain and running events, he’s witnessed just about everything.

Through his years of experience, Paul has learned that service is at its best when the staff is respected, valued, and encouraged to be their full selves. He brings that philosophy to the table at Worthwhile, helping to train and guide his teammates while bringing their best qualities forward—all with the ultimate goal to raise the bar of the service industry in NYC.

Paul is also an accomplished actor and musician, having performed all over the country on stage and in film & television. He’s grateful to have found a work environment at Worthwhile that provides him stability and the freedom to continue to pursue his artistic endeavors.

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