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Work for someone who’s got your back.

Worthwhile is flexible when it counts, so you’ll never have to miss a huge career opportunity because of your work schedule. Read that again.

A side hustle designed to move your career forward.

Worthwhile was founded by a group of actors who wanted a way to pay their bills—without sacrificing the freedom to attend any audition that popped up.

We’re now a network of over a hundred actors, musicians, and students who work events as a means to an end. People pick up shifts that fit their schedule, and help each other find coverage whenever a potentially career-changing conflict pops up.

“Working as an actor, the flexibility of this job has been a godsend and something I didn’t know was possible to find. More importantly, they care about their employees as people first. I can’t recommend working for Worthwhile enough!”

-Sam Cadieux, Actor

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A culture of success.

When you continuously bring motivated people together, it breeds the type of confidence and positive attitudes that fuel success. Maybe that’s why so many former Worthwhile peeps can be seen on Broadway, on TV, and in powerful jobs around the events industry.

Big paychecks.

We offer a competitive starting wage, and fast raises. Our top performers earn $45/hour in leadership roles—and many of them were promoted in less than a year.

Pay Scale

For Server shifts
$24/hour starting wage.
$26/hour after 15 shifts worked.
$28/hour after 40 shifts worked.
$30/hour after 80 shifts worked.

For Bartender shifts
$26/hour starting wage.
$28/hour after 10 shifts worked.
$30/hour after 25 shifts worked.

For Server Assistant Shifts
$22/hour starting wage.

For Head Server Shifts
$35/hour starting wage.

For Captain Shifts
$35/hour starting wage.
$40/hour after 10 shifts worked.
Up to $45/hour depending on position and job title.

Unlimited vacation time.

Since you choose your work schedule at Worthwhile, you can take time off any time you want, for as long as you want. Go ahead and accept that ten-week theatre contract or visit your family for the holidays. Your job will be here when you get back.

Don’t let your career suffer because of your side hustle.

Choosing job security over career advancement is a slippery slope. At Worthwhile, you can have both. Apply now!

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