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NYC is the place to be if you’re pursuing a career in acting. Any day could be that glorious day you land your dream role! But on regular non-glorious days, you’ve still got to eat and make rent. How can you chase your acting goals and have a less dramatic, stable work life? 

You know the answer — you find the perfect side hustle! 

As an actor, you need a regular job that is flexible, lucrative enough to make it worth your time, and not so exhausting that you’re too tired to bust out a self-tape at the end of the day. 

Where are these magical jobs hiding? Worry not. We’ve done the detective work: here are the top ten perfect side hustles for NYC Actors. 


  1. Ushering

Be the star of your own strange loop! Ushering is a great way to stay in the theatre scene while you’re waiting for your big break. Perks often include comp tickets and getting to study amazing performances while on the job. 

Once you land an acting gig, ushering does frequently conflict with regular showtimes. But theaters are usually very understanding when it comes to…well, theatre. You can also work as a substitute usher (an usher who only picks up shifts) instead of having a regular schedule.


  1. Barista

If you find yourself spending all your time at coffee shops studying scripts or getting caffeinated, consider working there! Barista jobs can be less flexible than some of the more client-based gigs, but with enough notice, it’s usually easy to get a shift covered or request days off in advance.

Being a barista also comes with a major perk for all you caffeine addicts out there — free coffee! You’ll never have to go into an audition with low energy again.


  1. Tutoring

Nostalgic for school, when all problems were solvable? Tutoring is a great way to use all those differential equations you’ve had stuck in your head since high school. With flexible hours (based on how many students you take on), tutoring can also provide great hourly pay. SAT tutors in particular are in high demand and can make a great wage. 


  1. Personal Trainer

Do you love working out? Great news — that’s a job too! You can build your own schedule depending on how many clients you want to work with, plus maintain a flexible income and great physical fitness. 

You can also apply to work with existing gyms as a personal trainer. You likely have to get a certification, but if you need help establishing a client base, this is a great place to start. 


  1. Online Freelancer

Do you have a secret skill outside of your acting prowess? You may be able to monopolize on it as a freelancer on sites like Fiverr or Upwork!

Good at drawing? Consider graphic design. Good at writing? Try copywriting. Good at social media? You could manage social media accounts for other artists or businesses. With a specialized skill, you can work from home on your own time. After all, no boss is more understanding or able to accommodate your lifestyle than you yourself! 


  1. Temp Work 

If your ideal is to work in an office setting while still maintaining enough flexibility to audition, you might want to investigate good old-fashioned temp work. This job is often low-responsibility and easy for folks who are good with computers and typing. Temp work allows you to work regular hours day to day, with the option of calling out or taking a long lunch when audition opportunities pop up. 

There are many temp agencies in NYC you can sign on with that offer jobs day-to-day or week-to-week depending on what works for you. 


  1. Delivery Driver

If you are really yearning to work hours scheduled by you and you alone, being a delivery driver might be a perfect fit. With gig apps on the rise, you’ve got tons of options to sign on with companies like DoorDash, Grubhub, or Instacart. If you’re interested in delivering people instead of food, you can also consider Lyft and Uber. 

Delivery jobs usually require that you have a car…which may be a stretch if you live in the city. But there are some exceptions (including DoorDash and Uber Eats) that allow you to make deliveries on a bike or scooter, Peter Parker-style.


  1. Dog Walking

Are you an animal person? If so, you might enjoy a side hustle that comes with lots of fresh air and furry friends! Dog walking is flexible work that can also be relaxing and good for your mental health. 

There are many agencies you can sign on with. Most will link you up with busy pup-owners in exchange for a cut of your profits. Alternatively, go-getters can dog walk freelance-style and try to make independent connections with clients. Putting up fliers or social media ads (or hanging out at dog parks) is a great place to start. 


  1. Nannying

Allergic to dogs? Oh no! Luckily, there are also people with small humans in need of care. If you’re good with kids, nannying is a semi-flexible and (sometimes extremely) well-paid gig. If you sit for infants, you’ll find yourself with a lot of downtime for running lines while they sleep. If you sit for older kids, hey, maybe they’ll run lines with you! 


  1. Catering

If you feel like all your actor friends work in catering…there’s a reason for that. Catering gigs offer flexible scheduling, reliable work, solid pay, and a nice big cohort of fellow artists/caterers with whom you can always trade shifts if a last-minute callback comes along.

There are many great catering opportunities in NYC, including Worthwhile Event Services. A company founded by actors, Worthwhile offers flexibility, unlimited vacation days, and the potential for rapid pay raises and leadership opportunities. You can have your cake and eat it too (and then serve it to a room full of fancy people who might tip you for your charismatic service)!

Ultimately, your side hustle should suit your talents and support your passion for acting. Interested in a job that’s flexible, won’t burn you out, and caters specifically to actors? (Wink, wink.) Contact Worthwhile Event Services today to discover a low-stress, well-paid service gig that can provide you a steady NYC income.