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As an actor, you may not have the best memory of physics class — but we’ll bet this one sounds familiar: “An object in motion stays in motion.” And…yep! Physics applies to you, right here, right now. Because an acting career is all about staying in motion.

That motion and motivation are easy to maintain when you’re in a training program, surrounded by ambitious peers and teachers with expectations higher than Kristen Chenoweth’s whistle tone. But get off the train in Manhattan and screeeeetch! That momentum can grind to a halt. Without trusted mentors, the professional acting world can be overwhelming. Where do you get feedback? How do you know if your rep book is jiving with your type? Why is your tech bro roommate giving you nothing when practicing these sides??

Lucky for you, the greatest city in the world also has some of the greatest acting coaches in the world. Whether you need an outside eye on some new monologues, an audition package brush-up, or some last-minute help before a callback, the following coaches are here to put that pep back in your step, and get you moving again.

1. The Acting Studio

As a studio that offers an awesome variety of acting classes, it comes as no surprise that the faculty at The Acting Studio make for magnificent private acting coaches. Five coaches are at your disposal for acting/audition sessions — you could see one for each day of the work week! 

And if you ever need more than just acting guidance, there are coaches available in several artistic disciplines, so you’ll always have the opportunity to keep learning.


2. T. Schreiber Studio & Theatre

Whether you’re looking for more focused one-on-one acting technique help or you want to nail the audition monologue your agent just sent over, the coaches at T. Schreiber Studio are here to save the day.

You can match yourself with the coach you feel most aligned with by taking a look at their backgrounds on the website. Finally you get to be the one perusing resumes!

3. Broadway Artists Alliance

With a coaching staff more stacked than the cast of the 2022 Into the Woods revival, the Broadway Artists Alliance offers private coaching sessions for audition prep, monologue work, self-tapes, and college auditions. 

Maybe the best part (other than working with renowned artists actively working in the business) is being able to call for a recommendation on who to sign up with — the fewer decisions necessary, the better!

4. Michael Luggio

With an impressive resume including a membership with the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST), Michael Luggio is the perfect coach for established actors to maintain momentum and build their skills to create a lasting career.

He creates a highly personalized curriculum for your needs, in the environment of your choosing (Zoom/FaceTime or in person), and can connect you with managers, agencies, and casting directors. Truly, what more can you ask for from an acting coach?

5. Susan Batson Studio

Open to any and all actors, the teachers and coaches at the Susan Batson Studio are plentiful and could be the key to making your resume as long and storied as theirs are — their bios are no joke.

The studio’s private sessions are as customizable as a group of refrigerator magnet letters. If you want to build off of an acting class, prepare for a specific role, or just discuss how to apply the plethora of tools you’ve learned to your craft, you can do that! And don’t sleep on a self-tape coaching session — no more asking your non-actor friends to be your reader over Zoom.

6. Bob Krakower

With a resume and list of former students as illustrious as Bob Krakower’s, snag a coaching session with this industry pro and you’ll be on the road to success faster than one of Stephen Sondheim’s patter songs.

But he, much like Velma Kelly (but without the song and dance), “simply cannot do it alone”. Five of his charges also coach at his studio, so you won’t be limited in choosing a coach you vibe with. 

7. David Ross

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your coaching needs, look no further than David Ross. Not only does he offer acting and audition coaching, but you can also use him as a resource for grad school/M.F.A. auditions, original content coaching (we’re all content creators now anyway), and/or corporate/personal coaching.

His passion for teaching and helping artists find joy in what they do is as bright as a Times Square marquee — where your name will be after starting your coaching sessions!

8. Sheila Gray

The next time you’re looking for something to read on the subway, pull up Sheila Gray’s impressive biography and coaching philosophy. She uses “couture coaching,” so your sessions will fit your needs better than a bespoke suit — she has a different approach for every artist who signs up with her. 

Whether you’re a seasoned actor, new to the art, or coming back after losing momentum during COVID (we’ve all been there,) Sheila is ready to help you reach your career goals.

9. Sean Harris

Finding an acting coach can be intimidating. Sometimes you wish you could just sit down for coffee before scheduling a session (and shelling out your hard earned cash). Well, with Sean Harris you can do exactly that! He offers a free “coffee meeting” so you both get a feel for what you need.

Your sessions will go beyond just acting — he assists you with the business of acting, too, analyzing and updating your resume and making a plan to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 


The next step

There are many things in life we could use coaches for — acting is just one of them. But something no coach needs to tell us is that life is better with good support systems — friends, family, jobs. 

To fill the latter with an opportunity that’s flexible, well-paying, and keeps you in motion, check out Worthwhile Event Services today.