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“A 5-6-7-8!” If this simple countdown sends you flying into A Chorus Line choreography, you probably at least dabble in the ancient art of dance. But in order to be a Cassie rather than a Cut Dancer, you’ve got to get in class!

New York is the place for cream of the crop dance classes, but sometimes sifting through the studios and class types can make your head spin like Gillian Murphy in Swan Lake

That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of the best places in New York City for dance classes of all kinds, so all you have to focus on is getting in the studio. Keep reading to find the class that will transform your next audition from “God, I hope I get it” into “God, I think I’ve got it!”

1) Broadway Dance Center

One of the premier studios for budding professionals in New York, BDC has options for everyone, from musical theatre to hip-hop. They have a jam-packed schedule of drop-in classes to choose from and levels range from basic to advanced, so you’re sure to find your tempo whether you’re more of a step-touch groover or a bonafide Dancer First. 

Can’t make it to Midtown? Wary of the ever-evolving virus variants? Check out BDC’s livestream and OnDemand classes (if you’re lucky enough to have space to dance in your NYC shoebox, that is)!

2) Steps on Broadway

“Up a steep and very narrow stairway…” A Chorus Line lyrics may ring through your head upon visiting Steps on Broadway, but the three flights of stairs are worth it to take a class at this true institution. 

Their variety of styles and levels rivals that of BDC, but keep your eyes peeled for Steps’ special programming like the Spotlight Series and Pro Work Sessions. Remarkable industry professionals are regularly scheduled to teach (and take class!) and have more knowledge and wisdom in one LaDuca than you’ll know what to do with.

3) Peridance Center

If you “don’t go above 14th Street” but still want high-quality dance training, consider Peridance. Exposed brick studios (ooh, aah) welcome dancers of all levels and ages. You’ll feel especially comfortable if your home base is contemporary or ballet, but their schedule holds an exciting array of hip-hop, heels, jazz, and specialty classes, too. 

Peridance is the perfect studio if you’ve been wanting a new flavor to add to your dance spice rack. Sometimes you’ll find surprising offerings like “Open Samurai Sword” listed on the schedule — take a look for yourself if you don’t believe it!

Oh, and there’s a black box theater on the premises too, if you’re in need of space to rent for your next groundbreaking work-in-progress.


4) Ailey Extension

Alvin Ailey is not only home to one of the most stunning dance companies in existence, but they also offer an extension school open for anyone and everyone to learn to dance. 

Their schedule is filled with beginner level classes perfect to jump into after the work day. Maybe you want to take a West African dance class or try your hand (er… foot) at NY Style Mambo or House dance — the Ailey Extension is your perfect match. 

So the next time you find yourself scrolling through the Ailey Instagram, dumbfounded by the beauty of their dancers and unable to process how they could be so perfect (or is that just us…) step away from the phone and step into their studio!

5) American Tap Dance Foundation

“Get out your tap shoes, Francis!” If you’ve always loved tap dancing and want to learn how to make music instead of just making noise, head on down to the American Tap Dance Foundation. It’s in the name — tap dance is what they do

Their classes range from Absolute Beginner to Intermediate, so it’s the perfect place to dust off the tap shoes that have been hidden away in your closet. The incredible teaching staff are the tip-top tier tap dancers (say that five times fast!) who respect the dance and want nothing more than to share their steps and pass down tap knowledge to anyone willing to learn.

6) Mark Morris Dance Center

If you’re more the kind of dancer who likes to let your wiggles out and roll around on the floor, the Mark Morris Dance Center might be where you feel most at home. An offshoot of the Mark Morris Dance Group, the center offers open adult classes in a variety of styles, including several Modern classes throughout the week.

Their open environment is welcoming to dancers of all kinds — if you want a place to just move and groove, MMDC also has offerings like Zumba, Dance Church, Gyrokinesis, and more.


Decisions, decisions…

We’ve laid out the list for you, now you’ve got to do the hard part: deciding! But perhaps even more difficult is figuring out how to fund the class schedule of your dreams (man, no wonder we’re “starving artists”, sheesh).

If you need to pad your bank account to pay for class and snag a job flexible enough for you to take said class, check out Worthwhile Event Services today!